Live like a local but be always be prepared to party at one of London’s original gay pubs. Good vibes, great beer and cracking cabaret on tap 7 days a week.

Builders? Black? Blah! Give your brew a bang at this one-stop coffee shop, with varieties from every corner of the globe. 134 years young, it’s clear that good tea and coffee never gets old.

A chilled Italian coffee house by day, a lively party hotspot by night. Open ‘til 5am most days, you can finish your night or start your day in style.

Signature sourdough, perfect pastries, delicious doughnuts… Enjoy them in the bakery or learn to make them in the school. Ready, set, dough!

Fried chicken done right. Big flavours, fresh produce and everything made from scratch under one roof. Gimme.

Whether it’s prescription glasses, sunglasses, made-to-measure, repairs or examinations, for 2021 vision, this is the place to be seen.

An institution carved over almost three decades and a well earned reputation for craft and creativity. With clients from Boy George to David Bowie no less.

Your body is your canvas. So whether it’s something small and subtle or a statement full sleeve, you’ll be in the capable hands of a range of award winning artists.

Famously named after the doctor who traced the London cholera outbreak, this Soho saloon bar serves Yorkshire ales and historic tales.

Calling all musos. This independent record shop has been spinning since 1984, from Soho to Chicago.

The home of British Jazz and host to some of the world’s biggest names, this place hits all the right notes for devoted music fans near and far.

From classics to cookery to erotic literature. Hello! A well stocked book store with a licensed sex shop in the basement. Why not? Upstairs for reading, downstairs for, shall we say, exploring…

A trendy espresso bar, serving good food, fresh juice and strong coffee. What more could you want? Except maybe a secret cocktail bar in the basement? You never heard it here.

The definition of ‘old school cool’, here you’ll find a cracking collection of CDs and Vinyl. From dubstep to disco to reggae to house (and more) this place is a music lover’s wonderland.

It’s not a coffee house, it’s a pub. Mind blown! With craft beer on tap, pull up a pew and sip away the afternoon. Ahhhhhh.

Character, charm and good old fashioned Soho vibes, just as namesake Violet, aka ‘the queen of Soho’ likes it. And with cocktails fit for the queen herself, no doubt they’ll hit the spot for you, too.

Less diamonds and pearls, more a jewellers with a difference. Specialising in statement skull rings and rock and roll jewellery, since 1972.

Style yourself happy at this treasure trove of vintage designer pieces and one-of-a-kind gems. Made to last a lifetime, not a season, it’s about quality that’s for keeps.

Back with a bang, crash, pow! For comics and graphic novels, from mainstream to manga, this place is your hero.

Style and quality in every day staples is what this place is all about. “The simple done well”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

As the name suggests, the food from this cosy café is BIG. Big wraps, big Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. Kind of a big deal.

Style and quality in every day staples is what this place is all about. “The simple done well”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Set inside an abandoned train station, spirits are high and drinks never run dry – a playground for Soho’s scoundrels.

This is the world’s most visited record store for a reason. Specialising in hard-to-find vinyl records and CDs, if you love it, chances are they’ve got it.

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